"I have a deep connection behind the imagery I paint whether I have been inspired by seeing something in my travels or being influenced by a distinct element of design.  I feel we have a definite connection to our environment, especially our home.  Surrounding oneself with art that exudes beauty or invokes a connection to a memory, place or feeling,  enriches our lives."

Asian Influenced

I love and have an affinity for Asian cultures.  Over the years, especially when I was doing textile work, I’ve had a self imposed studio of Japanese culture.  After living in Hong Kong, my study and connection became deeper, which is why some of my work has an Asian influence.

European Influenced

While working for Walt Disney Imagineering, I’ve lived in Paris on four seperate occasions.  Exploring the culture and museums of this city and other countries throughout Europe, have had a deep and meaningful impact on my work. 


Growing up in a small rural community in Indiana, most of my time was spent outside.  I have gardened and grown, plants, flowers, and fruits and vegetables most of my life.  Biology and plant science was one of my favorite subjects throughout school. 


With my background in Design and Architecture, gates,  iron and metalwork speak to me.  Perhaps symbolically they mean transversing through a portal to a new beginning or something unknown. 


Some of my fondest childhood memories are foraging for morel mushrooms every spring.  I have been enamored with mushrooms ever since. 

En Plein Air

Combining two loves, painting and being out of doors in nature, is what influences an ongoing plein air practice. 

Travel Sketches

I got the travel bug right out of college, and later in life had the strong desire to record special moments of the places I visited in watercolor sketchbooks.  These treasured documents are what inspired me to continue to paint in this, my favorite medium.