I found this workshop very helpful and informative. Kim is organized, a good communicator, and has a very supportive teaching style. I learned how to achieve deep intensive color, about new tools, and her process for planning and developing a painting. Kim was able to accommodate to student’s various experience levels.
— Becky Stack
This was a very informative workshop. I learned a lot about watercolor paper and paint intensity and how to apply that intensity to my paper. Kim is a wonderful teacher and so patient! There was a good, no pressure atmosphere in the classroom.
— Kathy
I highly recommend Kim’s workshop to beginning artists as well as intermediate watercolor artists. Kim is obviously comfortable and knowledgable in this forum and her class is well planned. Although I have been painting for a while, I came away with a much better understanding of how to plan my painting in addition to many other tips.
— Chris
I think Kim is one of the most detailed and organized teachers I have ever had!
— P. MacFarland
I highly recommend Kim’s workshops. Although I have always given some thought (+ preliminary
sketches) before beginning, Kim’s step - by - step process of organizing and planning a
painting helps me rethink the usefulness of preparing even the smallest details ahead re: composition,
color intensity, color mixing, value, size and more before starting. In addition, she is
encouraging, willingly answers questions and shares all kinds of tips (“secrets”) about supplies,
techniques and tools! I always come away with new ideas and ways to improve my paintings.
Thank you, Kim!
— Marian
— Penny

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